enamel airbrush at Erasmus University
  • enamel airbrush at Erasmus University
  • glass etching in combination with airbrush - Michel van Overbeeke
  • detail of enamel airbrush at Erasmus University

Enamel airbrushing

GBB Glass Studio is keen to find artistic ways of reducing project costs.


For example, magnificent results can be achieved by using an airbrush technique and glass powders. Large areas covered with sprayed enamel rather than coloured glass are not only attractive to look at, they also are much cheaper to make.


In addition to the craftsmanship, knowledge of glass, creativity and passion for the trade, GBB also possesses the right resources to achieve fantastic results.


Our atelier is equipped with a large spraying installation and ovens in which large pieces of glass can be processed.

  • Address: Kapitein Hatterasstraat 10
  • 5015 BB Tilburg
  • +3113 5325 110
  • info@gbb.nl
  • www.gbb.nl

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