text etching in red glass
  • text etching in red glass
  • etching with light - Michel van Overbeeke
  • glass etching in combination with came glasswork
  • etching in glass with red and yellow layers
  • etching in glass illustration

Glass etching

GBB Glass Studio has carried out a number of projects with etched glass.


This technique is based on reducing the layer thickness of coloured glass. Etching the coloured layer in certain places changes the otherwise even colour into a play of light and dark.The lighter areas in the glass can be filled in later during staining. The result is pieces of glass with many colour nuances, complemented by the straight lines of the staining.


Artist Michel van Overbeeke used this glass technology frequently in collaborations with GBB.


More information is available in the section entitled ‘Artists' atelier’ on this site.

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