Deventer - detail view of interplay of lines
  • Deventer - detail view of interplay of lines
  • Sandblasted peacock by Marc Mulders
  • Unidek sandblasted glass object
  • Detail of deep sandblasted glass

Sandblasted glass

GBB Glass Studio is an established name as regards sandblasting glass for industrial or decorative applications. Sandblasting enables us to create an infinite diversity of minute representations and illustrations in the glass. Examples are sandblasted lettering, logos and corporate identities on the glazing of many company buildings and monuments.


We are also experts in the restoration of sandblasted of etched windows. We repair breakages or fill missing parts with resin to complete the design.


You can view our sandblasted glass reference projects here references sandblasted glass.

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  • GBB Glass Studio is a trademark of GlasBewerkingsbedrijf Brabant b.v.