structure of final check in came glasswork atelier
  • structure of final check in came glasswork atelier
  • setting of the strips of lead during the production of came glasswork
  • tapping into place
  • soldering
  • Kitten
  • dichtwrijven
  • kitresten verwijderen
  • schuimreinigen

Came glasswork is our business

GBB Glass Studio has a great deal to offer. One of our specialities is the designing, manufacturing and fitting of came glasswork. This concerns both new projects, often in cooperation with artists and architects, and the restoration of came glasswork in churches for listed buildings.

Examples of controversial projects are the restored glazing of the O.L. Vrouwekerk and the Nicolaaskerk in Amsterdam, St John's Cathedral in

’s–Hertogenbosch and the Abdijcomplex in Middelburg.

For the New Church [Nieuwe Kerk] in Amsterdam we cooperated with artist Toon Verhoef to produce a stained glass window to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation. Together with artist Marc Mulders we produced a came glasswork creation in honour of Queen Beatrice's 25th jubilee. Both works were produced in the GBB artists' atelier in Tilburg.


View our came glasswork reference projects here references stained glass.


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