Dussen - glass appliqué on a number of panes
  • Dussen - glass appliqué on a number of panes
  • Rotterdam - Pendrecht project
  • ROC Tilburg - DNA appliqué detail

Glass appliqué

GBB Glass Studio has well over 40 years of experience with glass appliqué.

This means the glueing of generally coloured glass onto a supporting, specially treated, window, sometimes in several layers. This technique is also used in a three-dimensional way, for example in combination with concrete, natural stone or metal. The considerable freedom of design and the eye-catching combination of light and colour make glass appliqué a very interesting technique for artists.


In this form of glass processing we do not, therefore, use lead but adhesive instead. We work not just with clear UV-resistant epoxy glues for internal use, but also frequently with moisture and UV-resistant adhesives for outside. This adhesive technique was developed by GBB itself. In the past, glaziers sometimes used acrylic-based adhesives which decomposed overtime due to the effects of weather and UV radiation. We can repair any works of art that have been affected in this way. A famous example is a work of glass art by Karel Appel in Rotterdam.


Our glass appliqué reference projects can be viewed here references glass applique.

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