85 gesmolten glasobjecten (glasfusing) voor Erasmus Universiteit
  • 85 gesmolten glasobjecten (glasfusing) voor Erasmus Universiteit
  • Detail van Broche (85 gesmolten glasplaten) voor Erasmus Universiteit
  • glas fusing flower
  • glas fusing with pieces of metal
  • glas fusing with special effects
  • glass fusing detail
  • strips cut for fusing
  • the fusing glass process

Glass fusing

GBB Glass Studio is one of the few Dutch glass companies skilled in the fusing technique. Fusing, which means the melting together of glass, often takes place in combination with glass appliqué.


This relatively new technique is not used for restoration work. However, it is useful replacement work, four example if objects have been lost because the original makers did noughts were not officially skilled in the high-quality glass and oven technology.


View our glass fusing reference projects here references Glass fusing.

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