Huub Kurvers at work in the GBB atelier
  • Huub Kurvers at work in the GBB atelier
  • Huub Kurvers - Eygelshoven, detail from 2003
  • Huub Kurvers in the GBB atelier - the hand of the master at work
  • Huub Kurvers - Maastricht, Crusaders' Cloister [Kruisherenklooster] 2005
  • Huub Kurvers - Geffen 1998
  • Huub Kurvers - Oud Geleen, the choir 1993
  • Huub Kurvers - Oud Geleen, the choir 1993 – detail

Huub Kurvers

In cooperation with GBB, artist Huub Kurvers (1940-2010) has managed to achieve large-scale, controversial projects.Not only did he carry out all the preparation and design work, he also selected the glass from the GBB stock. He supervised the cutting of the templates in the atelier by our specialists and he also used specific artistic glazing techniques, such as etching and painting. All the other work (such as setting the lead strips, applying sealant and installation) were carried out by GBB.


The following are a few of the projects from Huub Kurvers' oeuvre which were realised with GBB:


  • 2005 Great Church [Grote Kerk] in Apeldoorn - Queen Beatrice window
  • 2005 Great Church [Grote Kerk] in Breda - 5 windows in the Princes' Chapel [Prinsenkapel]
  • 2005 Crusaders' Cloister [Kruisherenklooster] in Maastricht - 6 abstract windows
  • 2003 RC church of St John the Baptist in Eygelshoven
  • 2001 RC Gerard Majella church in Utrecht •1998 RC church of St Mary Magdalene in Geffen
  • 1998 Residential care centre Het Spijk in Eefde•1998 RC church of St Gertrude in Maasbracht
  • 1994 Great or St Michael's church in Zwolle
  • 1993 RC church in Oud Geleen - 3 windows in the choir


All in all, the cooperation between GBB and Huub Kurvers has created an entire history of Dutch architecture.


The photos on this site have been taken from the collection by Paul van Galen.

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