GBB Glass Studio has already restored more than 1700 objects, including many controversial glass objects of prestigious value. Our approach is determined to a large degree by our principle: ‘quality attracts quality’. After all, for the specialist restoration of old came glasswork panels restorers have to have mastered the traditional techniques and have sufficient creative talent. At GBB they have completed, at the very least, basic training at a specialist institute abroad, including art history, and a number of employees are art academy graduates. We also have a large range of blown, cast and flat glass which has been coloured by machine.


For decades, the standard practice at GBB was for our staff to remove and clean the glass first Then new pieces of glass would be cut which would then be stained. These days, as desired, missing parts can be coloured and replaced, new pieces can be cut, cracks can be glued and the staining touched up. The fragments are then fitted into lead profiles and grouted with glazier's sealant to produce a stable and watertight window.


In recent years we have invested heavily to raise came glasswork restoration to a higher level than is usually the case in the Netherlands. For example, we now carry out more historical and technical research into glass corrosion, paintings, lead setting techniques, and profile shapes and dimensions, and we pay more attention to the dimensioning, old glass corrections, gaps between lead profiles and poorly cut glass. In cooperation with clients we have continually raised our standards. This has, of course, also raised the standards of our restorers.


Sustainable restoration

GBB pays a great deal of attention to the sustainable conservation of came glasswork panels. In combination with restoration or preservation work, we regularly install glass with a transparent impact-resistant layer, or hardened, layered, partially reflective or other types of glass. We make sure that this protective layer is almost invisible and scarcely interferes with the way the came glasswork looks. This is a major improvement compared with the plastic sheets or mesh protection that often used to be used.


A number of reference projects can be viewed here references restoration.

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