Welcome to GBB Glass Studio

GBB Glass Studio is one of the most progressive and adept companies in the glass sector. We have been located in Tilburg since the company was established in 1951. These days it is a place where twenty employees are engaged every day in various forms of glass work. It is also a place where projects are regularly realised in cooperation with artists.

Glass is a functional product. It offers protection and allows lights through. GBB and Van Der Wal make sure that justice is done to the glass based on colour, design and processing. This improves people's experience of a room and ensures that the glass creation is an object to really enjoy.

The GBB glass atelier looks further than glass alone: The size of our company means that we can monitor the progress of (building) schedules. Our experience which extends over more than 60 years and our colour craftsmanship have resulted in sustainable and controversial glass projects.

GBB Glass Studio has a reputation for being the home of  'colourful glass artists’. Our size, working method and expertise makes us unique in the Netherlands. Why is this?


This is down to the high quality of our work, as regards design, skilful implementation and installation. It is also thanks to our innovative production and restoration techniques to our reliability as regards delivery. Then there is the variety of the products we offer: from came glasswork, glass appliqué, sandblasting and fusing to stained glass, glass gluing and glass bending, new work including design and complete execution right up to glass staining, screen printing, etching and our restoration work. We also have huge stocks available of 700 coloured blown, drawn and poured glass and 5,500 colours. We are also unique due to the guarantee we provide on the quality of our work and our products.

Above all, we are unique because we understand the art form and are therefore easy to work with!

  • Address: Kapitein Hatterasstraat 10
  • 5015 BB Tilburg
  • +3113 5325 110
  • info@gbb.nl
  • www.gbb.nl

  • GBB Glass Studio is a trademark of GlasBewerkingsbedrijf Brabant b.v.